FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Who is the audience for this page?
A: Anyone who wishes to learn more about Raleigh, in particular, and Raleigh Metropolitan Area, in general. There will be material on the Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Cary-Chapel Hill) as well as the rest of North Carolina, but the focus will be on Raleigh. Most of the material presented here will provide a better understanding of Raleigh's urban fabric (or its lack thereof) and help people understand the direction this area is heading to.

Q: Why another page about Raleigh? Aren't there enough out there?
A: When I first answered this question, there were only a few websites that covered new projects, and they were painfully out of date. RaleighMSA.com remained dormant for quite some time, receiving only minor updates, but I am hoping to make it as active as it has ever been, and even more. My goal is to present the latest urban development news from our area, in a fast and informative fashion. Part of my initial goal was to promote Raleigh, free of political motives and hidden/personal agendas. My audience should expect to read a lot of criticism, both positive and negative, but strictly based on personal views, not influenced by ANY outside factors (i.e. developers, real estate professionals, city officials).

Q: What can one expect to read and how will this improve his/her understanding of Raleigh?
A: I can't promise any secrets to be revealed, but I can assure the readers about one thing: This page will function as a great source of news that matter to those who want to see Raleigh growing as a real city. By that, I mean the direction that will allow Raleigh to grow without losing touch with its past and without fearing the future. The focus will be on news that deal with Raleigh's strengthening of urban fabric.

Q: Many people have a secret agenda when they try to reach others. What is yours?
A: Like many good deals out there, there is a catch. I do have an agenda, but it is not secret. I favor a stronger urban fabric to uncontrolled growth and urban sprawl. At the same time, I oppose the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) movement that has shown its ugly face more than once in this area. I believe in cities that maintain as much of their past as they possibly can, but at the same time they are not afraid to sacrifice some of it for a better future. I do not believe that three 10-story buildings can do the same job with one 30-story skyscraper and I do not endorse any effort to turn Raleigh into a small town. Sure, I do not want it to become a monster-city, but there are many good examples around the world of cities that managed to maintain their old character while building on the future. If you are a NIMBY, or a fan of urban sprawl, then look elsewhere for inspiration. This page will promote good urban living, historic preservation (where it makes sense) and clean environment.

Q: How independent is this effort?
A: As independent as it can be. Even though I have my own agenda and beliefs, I won't allow poor judgement, prejudice and/or political forces to interfere with the quality of this effort. There will be no other parties involved, and even though I may [occasionally] invite others to publish their views, the direction of this page will not change a bit... Unless I discover that I am completely on the wrong path, I will stay the course.

Q: How about all these photos we see in this page? Are they yours, or are they "stolen" from other people?
A: You can expect to see my own personal work being published. Whenever others contribute something, or when I use an image not created by me, I will definitely credit the source, unless I do not know the latter. Also, there may be instances when direct linking to another page is used (e.g. New Projects section) but credit will be given to the hosting website. If you happen to find an image of which the source is not properly stated, please let me know and I will correct this error.

Q: So, you put a lot of work in creating these nice galleries. What if a reader wishes to use your photos.
A: Until recently I thought it was very unlikely that anyone might be interested in using my photos. Although I am not a professional photographer, and my photography skills are limited, I had people asking for permission to use some of my images. In the event you wish to use my photo(s), please let me know (click on CONTACT ME, at the top menu).

Q: Is this page created with certain browsers in mind?
A: The scope of this page is to be viewed by everyone who visits. I worked very hard to make sure that all major browsers can view the contents in the way they were intended to appear. Microsoft's Internet Explorer gave me a hard time, while Netscape and Mozilla were the friendliest. I do not use browser-specific code, but I strongly recommend that you use Netscape, Mozilla and/or Firefox (all of them sharing common code). If you encounter any errors in the way this page is viewed, please send me an email and I will do my best to correct things.