After several months of inactivity, we are returning with yet-another eyesore. This time, it is North Carolina State Government that managed to ruin a wonderful opportunity for a future urban infill in Downtown Raleigh. For several months I have been looking at that round structure "rising" on Salisbury Str, between Peace Str and Jones Str. For those who wonder what that "marvelous" thing is, it is a chiller. If anything, it certainly sends chills down my spine... and possibly yours.

Naturally, one may ask the following question: What should we build there? To the best of my knowledge, North Carolina State Government is always looking into space consolidations. That strip of Salisbury Str screams for some redevelopment. Several mid-rise buildings could not only hide the parking decks between Salisbury Str and Capital Blvd, but provide a wonderful pedestrian experience, already ruined by two other "marvels" of modern expression... which we will present here in the next few months. One good look at the following photo should demonstrate my point:

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