Our first eyesore did not have much success, but it was expected. It was more of a low blow, I must admit, because the structure presented is slowly being demolished. This month's eyesore should "reward" all those who still believe in me. There will be no easy targets, no low blows, and certainly 100% eyesores. Plain and simple.

When driving northbound on Creedmoor Road, one may be caught off-guard by a unique structure sitting at the right hand side, shortly after the intrersection of Creedmoor Rd and Millbrook Rd. The 2-story building that took forever to finish - is it really finished, yet? - is not the worst design I have ever seen in my life, but it looks most definitely out of place and it is aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. The original design was slightly different, and I suspect it would have probably worked better, but it is too late to change things now. To appreciate the eyesore factor, one needs to see this structure with his/her own two eyes. So keep your eyes open next time you drive along Creedmoor Rd.

January 2006