Sometimes it is hard to ignore the damage that NIMBYs can do, especially when they tend to ignore the essential parts of a project and focus on the size. Originally envisioned as a 5-6 story project, it was scaled down to 4 floors (one of them is actually used for ground level parking) due to the neighbors' complains that 5-6 stories was too tall for the area... Go figure!

Let's forget about the uninspired architecture for now - not to blame the architect, of course - and focus on the overall aesthetics of this site. Imagine yourself waking up to the view of that power line pole every morning. While only the top floor of this mixed-use low-rise is residential, it scares me to even think there are people in that building, who have to deal with this view every day. In this case, the building isn't the eyesore... that pole that stands out on the front of the building is, but due to the close proximity, both elements seem to create an unpleasant view.

The amazing part is that people find ways to market this building, called 605 West Main Street. An otherwise acceptable infill, it is certainly not the best Carrboro could get. Let's hope that the electric company will eventually manage to bury, or relocate those wires, although it is highly unlikely. Here is a promotional flyer - notice that the "wires" are absent from the rendering:

February 2006
January 2006