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Construction Updates - Downtown Raleigh (February 2007)

January 2007 was a very productive month for several projects in Downtown Raleigh. A larger crane was placed in the RBC Plaza site, the underground parking deck at the Marriott Hotel and Site 1 continued to move along fast and some major progress was made at the Bloomsbury Estates and 222 Glenwood. Some preliminary work was done at the West At North site and one of the older houses on The Glen At Peace lot was finally moved away to another location.

RBC Plaza: A lot of progress has been made, given that the parking deck portion is the toughest part.

Site 1: Still, without official groundbreaking, but things are looking better as the underground parking deck construction progresses to the Eastern side of Fayetteville Street.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): Much progress since January. Work on the building's second floor has clearly started, as you can see in these photos.

Quorum Center: Not far from completion, but it is worth an honorary mention. Most likely this is the last you see of Quorum Center in terms of construction update photos. There is still work being done in the interior, though.

West At North: Things are moving along and soon we should see a crane.

Convention Center: Not many changes on the outside, but the progress is evident.

Bloomsbury Estates: This project continues to move fast, as it can be witnessed in the following photos, taken at two separate dates.

222 Glenwood: The parking deck has been almost finished and it appears that work on the main structure is actually under way.

Palladium Plaza: Not a great view from the rear windows, but the facade is beginning to look pretty nice, particularly on the North side of the building. The Southern section needs some work before that gray color stops dominating.

Carlton Place: I believe that as you are looking at these photos, Carlton Place has been officially completed, therefore it makes no sense to continue posting images. The photos below will be the last ones in this section

The Glen On Peace: My apologies, but no images of this site were taken this month. The [white] house that used to be on the Boylan Ave side - you may recall it from last month's photos - has been moved to another location and will be renovated.

Seaboard Station/Warehouses: If I am not mistaken, I didn't give any updates on this project last month. A lot of new retail destinations are about to join the existing ones. The Capital City Grocery is located in the South part of this project.

January 2007