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Construction Updates - Downtown Raleigh (March 2007)

Let me begin with a nice view of the skyline, as seen from the Boylan Ave Bridge. The cranes dominate the "empty" parts of the skyline, especially on the South End.

RBC Plaza: Currently, our pride and joy. The new tallest tower for Raleigh is moving along at a fast pace.

Site 1: No progress, outside the fact that the underground parking is slowly moving from the Marriott Hotel to Site 1's location. Once the parking deck is constructed, Site 1 should be moving along fast. The anticipated groundbreaking has been moved for sometime this summer.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): Another fast moving project. Lots of progress!!!

West At North: The "permanent" crane is in place. In the first photo, you can see the installation of the crane, through the help of another crane.

Convention Center: A ton of work, but nothing too obvious when comparing to last month. The good news is that this project is on schedule.

Bloomsbury Estates: The first building is almost done, in terms of height. Work is currently being done on the 6th floor.

222 Glenwood: Progress is fast and obvious.

Palladium Plaza: Every time I look at this project it seems that there is no real progress, but I am pretty certain a lot of work is being done in the interior of the northern section.

712 Tucker: Not exactly an official ground-breaking, but we are not far from that day. Surrounding the site with a fence is normally a good sign.

The Glen On Peace: The house that used to be located at the western section of the lot has been moved. The units are on sale, but we have no definite date for the official groundbreaking.

Progress Plaza North (aka Block "B"): This will be the site of a 30-story office tower, a 14-story hotel/condo midrise and several mid-rise and/or low-rise components. A grocery store and a movie theater have been speculated/envisioned, but it is hard to tell at this point. The preparation is for the construction of the parking deck, which will sit at the center of the block.

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