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Construction Updates - Downtown Raleigh (June 2007)

The obligatory skyline shot, as seen from the top of Bloomsbury Estates I building.

RBC Plaza: Our pride and joy remains the single, most impressive tower, at least until other proposals break ground. Currently, it stands above the adjacent Hudson and we should be able to see this moving MUCH faster in 4-5 weeks. In next month's skyline photo, RBC Plaza should be visible.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): The pace for this project continues to remain fast. Five more floors and we are done.

West At North: If I have to find a fault on this project is the fact that it will block the view of the skyline - not the best one, anyway - from the angle in the second photo. Major progress, considering that the parking deck is the hardest part of the structure.

Convention Center: Lots of progress, but not as visible. Anyway, here are some photos.

Bloomsbury Estates: Construction resumed and they are currently working on the final floor and the roof. During the Downtown Home Tour I saw this project up, close and personal.

222 Glenwood: No need for comments. The progress is obvious.

Palladium Plaza: No comments on this one, either. The photo below pretty much summarizes the whole thing.

712 Tucker: As I type these lines the demolition has approached completion. Nothing major after that until we see some digging.

Progress Plaza North (aka Block "B"): This is our "mystery project" for now, but more certainly than not, it will be the biggest downtown project in Raleigh's history.

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