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Construction Updates - Downtown Raleigh (July 2007)

Please accept my most sincere apologies for the much delayed new construction update photos. Some of home PC's had to go through some data reorganizing and updating of the operating system to a newer version. It was a time consuming process that forced me to postpone several tasks and fall behind in the updates department, once more. Let me present you the latest construction photos available, taken at the end of last month. The obligatory skyline shot, as seen from the Boylan Avenue Bridge.

RBC Plaza: Our pride and joy remains the single, most impressive tower, at least until other proposals break ground. Currently, it stands above the adjacent Hudson and we should be able to see this moving MUCH faster in 4-5 weeks. In next month's skyline photo, RBC Plaza should be visible.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): When the photos were taken, I thought that one more floor was to be built. Unfortunately, the Convention Hotel had already reached its maximum height. Quite a disappointment when it comes to design and height, but at least we replaced an underutilized parcel with something more useful.

West At North: Some visible progress, but the parking deck is certainly a tough component to complete within short period. Probably another 2 months before the height becomes the most dynamic part of this building.

Convention Center: A lot of exterior work has been done and now we are beginning to see [partially] what the final product will look like. Far from being done, but we are getting somewhere.

Bloomsbury Estates: Slow moving, but the basic frame is done.

The L Building: Just started with the clearing up of the site.

222 Glenwood: Continuous progress!!!

Palladium Plaza: So much brick!!!

712 Tucker: Not much to report. Just some minor preparations before the official groundbreaking.

The Edison (aka Progress Plaza North, Block "B"): No longer a "mystery project" since the developer announced the official name and submitted a site plan. For now, all you see is the site being cleared up for the new parking deck. For more information on the announced towers go to the New Construction (Downtown Raleigh) section and look under The Edison.

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