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Construction Updates - Downtown Raleigh (August 2007)

Another delayed update with new construction photos. Apologies, once more. Without further ado, here is a photo from the Boylan Ave Bridge. Marriott Hotel has topped out, but RBC Plaza is slowly appearing in the center of the CBD.

RBC Plaza: The largest downtown project currently under construction has already appeared in the skyline. The parking deck portion is done and from now on we can expect MUCH faster progress. The crane has already been raised higher.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): After the final height was reached, the attention has been shifted to the exterior.

West At North: The parking deck seems to slow things down, but this project is moving at a steady pace. I believe that the work on the parking deck portion has finished and that we can see the main part of this building rise. Next month's photos should be more "revealing".

Convention Center: According to the latest update, 65% of the work has been done and I think it shows.

Bloomsbury Estates: Many of us wonder why this project is stagnant. During last month I saw the crane moving a few times, so I assume they were doing something but saw no visible progress to report. This month (August) work resumed with the exterior walls, so be patient until the next update. Here are some photos from last month, regardless of the slow progress.

The L Building: We should see some action, soon. For now, enjoy the semi-pastoral nature of that lot.

222 Glenwood: A pleasant surprise, given the slow start, this project has been moving along very fast. Can't wait for the exterior work to finish.

Palladium Plaza: Great to see the sidewalk open again. Some units in this building are already occupied, if I saw well. I wonder if they have models open to the public.

712 Tucker: The site has been cleared up, pretty much, but I am not sure they are ready for the official ground-breaking.

The Edison (aka Progress Plaza North, Block "B"): No longer a "mystery project" since the developer announced the official name and submitted a site plan. For now, all you see is the site being cleared up for the new parking deck. For more information on the announced towers go to the New Construction (Downtown Raleigh) section and look under The Edison.

Solas: This is a small project, of great significance for Glenwood South. It will include a cafe/restaurant on the ground level, and a bar/club on the top two floors.

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