Construction Updates (August 2007)

My sincere apologies for posting this section months later, but it was almost inevitable :( Without wasting any more time, let me post the update photos for this month, beginning with the skyline shot from the Dorothea Dix grounds. You can see the cranes for several projects, going from left to right: West At North, Bloomsbury Estates I, RBC Plaza and Marriott/Convention Hotel.

RBC Plaza: Continuous progress is taken for granted for this project.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): Much to be desired in terms of design, but at least this project is moving fast.

West At North: Another fast moving project. It is slowly beginning to make its appearance in the skyline, from certain angles.

Convention Center: Early reservations have been very encouraging, and so has the progress, although not much in terms of the exterior.

Bloomsbury Estates: Several changes in the interior design of the units caused some delays, but Bloomsbury Estates is slowly coming back to the fast track. Obviously, there is some work done in the exterior of the building.

222 Glenwood: One word, which has been used a lot lately: Progress!!!

Palladium Plaza: At the street level, this project is as good as done. Most of the progress is made in the interior.

712 Tucker: Not much to report but we are not far from the official groundbreaking.

Solas: Just cruising along, like most projects these days.

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