The first eyesore for the year 2007 is going to be one of those structures that we wish we could demolish today, yet we can't hope to see something nicer in its place for a very long time. The main feature of this "Eyesores" edition is none other than the Bellsouth Building that sits near the middle of Raleigh's skyline, as a reminder that bad projects can happen anywhere, not just in the suburbs.

In the first photo you can see the emptiness that dominates the McDowell Str side. Perfect isolation from the rest of the city. The lack of windows and doors along the building's longest side eliminates the possibility that a living being is behind those walls. A parking deck would have fit better than this building, in my opinion.

Even a sign of life outside that monstrosity is not enough to hide the ugliness that dominates the landscape. For as long as you face Nash Square, your eyes are safe. Just turn a little to the North/North-East, and I cannot guarantee you will not lose your sight. In the photo below, notice the little hideout, created by some sort of setback. If you walk Northbound on that side of McDowell Str, your safety cannot be taken for granted, as it is easy for a criminal element to conceal himself in that corner. Luckily, Raleigh Police Department is right across the street, but what if...?

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