Construction Updates (September 2007)

Yet another belated construction photos update. Let's begin with the obligatory skyline shots from Boylan Ave Bridge and South Saunders Str (a.k.a. "money shot"). RBC Plaza is slowly appearing in the skyline. Marriott Hotel remains the disappointment that it has been for most of us.

RBC Plaza: So far, the biggest project in Raleigh. Much deserving the title as one of the most valuable projects in the city.

Convention Hotel (Marriott): Lots of progress on both the interior and exterior.

West At North: Fast moving.

Convention Center: Lots of progress in the interior, very little change on the outside, but that is expected.

Bloomsbury Estates: Moving along just fine!!!

222 Glenwood: Lots of good progress. It will be a major contribution to Glenwood South's image.

Palladium Plaza: We have come to accept that little change will be visible as far as the exterior is concerned.

712 Tucker: Yes, there is progress, however small it might be.

Solas: However small this project might be, it is also important. Adding venues to the already recognized Glenwood South, is important to the increasing momentum.

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