First eyesore for the year 2008 and after the new version of RaleighMSA.com was uploaded, and I am already hungry for more eyesores to publish. This time, I am taking a different approach. The first photo you see below was actually taken over 2 years ago. You may ask me why I decided to post it now. Well, read on.

In order to qualify as an eyesore, something ugly needs to be in one place for a long time. So, I decided to venture back to some familiar territories, particularly Crabtree Valley, and see if an old eyesore was still there. Lo and behold, that infamous grill was standing prouder than ever, right outside the same office building it stood before. Only now it was a new grill!!!

Someone needs to tell these people that grilling in a dry area, so close to a building, may also increase the risks of fire. As for the grill itself, what can I say? How lazy can someone be not to walk across the street, to Crabtree Valley Mall, where there are numerous eateries for all budgets?

Happy grilling, everyone!!!

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