Photos at

This is an extensive photo collection with images accummulated over a period of several years. You can visit this gallery by clicking here. There is a wealth of photos from other areas of the Triangle, as well as other cities/towns in North Carolina. Although the photos have been organized, there are a lot of "useless" images, so be prepared to spend some time browsing.

Construction Updates

A monthly updated - I am currently behind, but I promise to catch up - section where you can see the construction progress in the area. Heavily focused on Downtown, this section will eventually be enriched with photos of projects outside the center of Raleigh, as well. An archive is also provided at the bottom of the page. You may access the latest images by clicking here.

Major Buildings of Raleigh

A small presentation of all the major buildings in Raleigh. It will be updated on a regular base and in the future it will include a little slideshow for all the buildings listed. Click here to see our major buildings.


We like to believe that Raleigh is a beautiful city - which it is - but it is far from being free of ugly elements and out-of-place structures. Besides the poorly planned subdivisions and neighborhoods developed, particularly in the 80's and later, there are several eyesores around the city. My goal is to present as many of them as I can find, so click here and have a few laughs, or cry if you want. This is a very subjective matter, so don't feel offended by my choices.

Images for sale

This is a new idea, which I tried to avoid as much as I could, because I wanted to offer you a website without trying to sell you something. If you find some of my images attractive enough to buy, for personal and/or commercial use, or you wish to make some request(s) for photos, please get in touch with me and we can arrange something. My collection is not limited to what you see in the gallery discussed in the first section. You may click on the image below to see a small sample.

Announcements encourages you to attend the meetings and presentations on the city's new Comprehensive Plan (a.k.a. Planning Raleigh 2030).

Are you interested in helping to make Moore Square a better place? The city is offerring you the opportunity to share your thoughts - and drawings - with others. Check out the web page that the city put together for you.