Major Buildings of Raleigh

This section will serve as a showcase of all the major buildings that currently stand in Raleigh, both in the high-rise and mid-rises of Raleigh. Hardly a city known for its skyscrapers, Raleigh has become a decent blend of older and newer buildings, some of which are very attractive and worth preserving. In the recent years, Raleigh is slowly becoming a more attractive place for developers to go vertical.
While mostly a skyline consisting of buildings around 15 stories, a new pattern has emerged and Raleigh is beginning to attract visions way beyond the norm. In this section of I will present all the major buildings in the City of Oaks, along with some information - it will be a future addition. I encourage you to return, as this page will be updated to include new features.

High-rises: For the purpose of classifying Raleigh's towers, we have defined high-rises as buildings of 15 stories and above. Anything above 350 feet qualifies as a skyscraper; according to's classification. For insurance purposes, companies like Aviva may have their own definitions. Definitions vary based on a city's existing collection of buildings and an individual's perception of what constitutes a high-rise.

RBC Plaza
RBC Plaza (2008)

Two Hannover Square
Two Hannover Square (1991)

Wachovia Center
Wachovia Center (1991)

One Progress Plaza
One Progress Plaza (1977)

Two Progress Plaza
Two Progress Plaza (2004)

One Hannover Square
One Hannover Square (1985)

County Jail
Wake County Public Safety Center (1991)

Archdale Building
Archdale Building (1977)

333 Corporate Plaza
333 Corporate Plaza (1964)

Wake County Offices
Wake County Offices (1942)

Quorum Center
Quorum Center (2007)

Clarion Hotel
Clarion Hotel (1970)

West At North
West At North (2008)

Sheraton Hotel
Sheraton Hotel (1982)

Mid-rises: Defined as any building between 6 and 14 stories high. Again, this description is subjective to our own opinion and should not be used as an official definition of a mid-rise.

Wake County Courthouse
Wake County Courthouse (1970)

Capital Club Building
Capital Club Building (1930)

Odd Fellows Building
Odd Fellows Building (1924)

Raleigh Banking and Trust Building
Raleigh Banking and Trust Building (1913/1929)

Albemarle Building
Albemarle Building (1970)

One Exchange Plaza
One Exchange Plaza (1986)

Wachovia Building (1964)

Glenwood Towers
Glenwood Towers (1971)

Sir Walter Raleigh Apartments
Sir Walter Raleigh Apartments (1924)

Capital Towers
Capital Towers (1972)

Holiday Inn - Crabtree
Holiday Inn - Crabtree (1974)

Metcalf Hall
Metcalf Hall (1968)

D.H. Hill Library
D.H. Hill Library (1953)

Professional Building
Professional Building (1925)

Federal Building
Terry Sanford Federal Building and Courthouse (1968)

Masonic Temple Building
Masonic Temple Building (1907)

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