Downtown Raleigh

The focus on downtown is well justified, considering the tremendous amount of development that is taking place in the heart of Raleigh. With public and private investments in the neighborhood of $2 billion, Downtown Raleigh is where the action is these days when it comes to urban developments... Read More

Raleigh (excludes downtown)

Although Downtown Raleigh gets most of the attention these days, developments outside the core are still many and some of them worth a mention here. Some good urban infills promise to bring density and improve the overall urban experience. From high-rise projects to semi-urban communities, Raleigh's urban fabric is slowly improving... Read More


As Raleigh MSA (Raleigh-Cary) and Durham MSA (Durham-Chapel Hill) continue to grow in population, so does the list of urban projects in the entire Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill). From mixed-use communities and new high-rises, to historic preservation and urban renewal, the Triangle offers tremendous opportunities for new urban projects... Read More

Announcements encourages you to attend the meetings and presentations on the city's new Comprehensive Plan (a.k.a. Planning Raleigh 2030).

Are you interested in helping to make Moore Square a better place? The city is offerring you the opportunity to share your thoughts - and drawings - with others. Check out the web page that the city put together for you.